Major Advantages of Technology

Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Many jobs previously only done manually are now automated or performed by robots. The impact of technology has also extended into homes and offices where many jobs once required human interaction have been replaced by computers. The following are some of the advantages of technology.

Technology Improves Productivity

Technology helps to improve productivity, even when the product itself does not get any better (e.g., a telephone) or even when it gets worse (e.g., an electronic typewriter). A good example is the modern office worker. Even though most workers still do some amount of writing, typing, proofreading, formatting, etc. on paper documents today, this work can be completely or mostly eliminated with a word processor running on a computer. This means that employees’ time used for these tasks can instead be spent doing something more productive such as working on their project, taking care of personal business, having lunch, entertaining friends and family,

Better and Easier Communication Between People

Human-to-human communication requires people to interact face-to-face. With advances in communication technologies over the past few decades communication distance between two people has increased dramatically. For instance, if you go to your hometown and visit your grandparents they may live across town from you but you could still easily send them emails and text messages on your cell phone. You could call them at home using the same phone number. You could even talk to them over the Internet through Skype® using the same IP address. All these methods require much less effort than talking to someone physically.

 Saves Time in Processes and Tasks

In addition to saving us time physically, technology allows companies and individuals to save a lot of time during processes and tasks. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses save money because fewer people are needed to complete the task. Also, since technology eliminates certain steps, which require a great deal of physical labour, the speed and efficiency of completing a task increases. Consider the process of filing taxes. In the old days, people would have to gather all the papers necessary, fill out forms, wait for everything to mail back to the IRS, check to see what happened, etc. Nowadays all one needs to do is file electronically and pay online via credit card.


Technology has evolved so much over the past decade. We can now think about the future with a sense of wonderment. From simple mobile phones that connect us with the world around us; to the massive data centres that store and provide access to all our digitally stored information; to the incredible supercomputers that allow us to study the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere something new about how technology impacts our lives. So in conclusion, don’t let anyone tell you that technology doesn’t change anything. It changes everything!