Strategies to Use Technology in Healthy Ways

Technology has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. There are numerous benefits to using it, especially through mobile devices. It’s important to balance the negative aspects though. To ensure our health and wellbeing, we should try to limit distractions and reduce screen time. This guide will explain further these strategies.

Manage expectations

Do you remember when phones were only for calls? That was what made them great back then. The problem with smartphones today is that they now have so many other features built-in, which most people don’t use at all. If a smartphone doesn’t feature something you need or want, you’re likely to find yourself frustrated by it. You may feel anxious after spending hours trying to figure out how to do something. So, instead, pick up a basic smartphone and focus on finding apps that satisfy your needs and interests rather than trying to make it do everything. For example, if you enjoy cooking, there’s no reason why an app couldn’t help cook recipes or show you how to perform certain tasks. With the right tools, you’ll never be stuck without anything again!

Use Social Media Wisely

I know it can be hard to resist some of the cool things that happen on social media; but when it comes down to it, taking up too much time on social media could be just as bad for your mental well-being as watching porn. I would argue that it could even be worse because of the constant barrage of content that’s available, play an online Casino en ligne. Social media allows us to connect with people and share stories from around the world. But, at the same time, it also makes it harder for us to disconnect. Being able to see posts about people we care about in real life can bring us closer together.

Take Time to Recharge

However, we shouldn’t forget about our self-care either. We need to take breaks from technology every once in a while to keep ourselves sane. And, who says you can’t work while relaxing?! Take advantage of technology whenever possible, but also set aside times to do nothing at all. Schedule these times into your day, whether it’s 10 minutes before bedtime or three days in advance. Try reading a book, calling/texting friends or family, writing in a journal or listening to music. Whatever gets you comfortable and happy is good for you!


Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s a given. But, one step at a time, we can make sure we positively manage its effects. By choosing smart ways to avoid distraction, managing our expectations and scheduling time to relax, we can stay healthy and balanced. And, the best part is that we don’t have to live without our gadgets forever! Check out this post on productivity tech for ideas.